"Podium" Ride Along

79,00 €


Slip into the shoes of a professionnal race driver: 

Like Jean Alesi, Arnaud Vincent, Denis Brogniart, Gérad Holtz, Lord Kossity, Jean Pierre Pernaud, Sébastien Cauet and dozens of customers each year, make confidence to Easy Formula.

Faster than a Ferrari:

Come and sit next to one of our professional race car drivers. Experience the thrill of speeds, allowed only on the race track!

How does it work?

The ride along experiences are sold under a gift certificate form. The gift certificates are valid one year, on all the tracks and for all the dates.

As soon as you receive or download your gift certificate, you or the recipient can book a date and a location.

- Welcome at the racetrack
- Delivery of a helmet
- Meeting with your driver
- 1 run of 3 laps

- Minimum age : 12years
- Maximum height : 195cm (contact us in case of doubt)
- Forbidden to pregnant ladies
- Don't have medical issue

Duration 2 hours
Laps 3
Minimum age 12years
Lunch In option
Included in this offers Open-bar (soft drink)
Vehicle RC CUP : 200hp, 800kg



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"Podium" Ride Along

"Podium" Ride Along

Faster than a Ferrari! 3 laps in the passenger seat of a race car with a professional driver! Are you brave enough?

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